Increasingly smaller LED luminaires set higher demands

Increasing demand for more compact, waterproof connectors
A & C Solutions is the connector specialist in LED lighting and advises manufacturers and developers of outdoor LED applications on the right connector solution. The tendency towards smaller luminaires with a high functionality also translates into more compact connectors that possibly combine power supply and control. In addition, it must be able to handle as high a power as possible and be completely watertight.

All-in-one outdoor LED connectors from Techno
A & C Solutions has found a complete range of IP68 connectors in the Techno brand that meets these requirements. Techno is always searching for the perfect way to bring an even smaller connector to the market. Which makes the 2-pole IP68 TH381 micronnect with a diameter of only 14mm a good example.

Error-free installations in the field
Techno understands that a beautiful product can only work when it is installed correctly and error-free. That is why Techno often applies the plug & play principle to its connectors. When cables are custom-made, nothing needs to be opened and it is child’s play for the installer to plug everything into the field; easily and quickly. One of their newest connectors is the TH624 plug & play junction box with 1 input and 3 outputs. This solution is particularly popular with maintenance of larger projects in public lighting. After all, the lamp can be replaced in a heartbeat.

IP68 all the way
Due to the growth in outdoor lighting projects, waterproofness is also a hot topic for many of our customers. Some projects require that even moisture condensation cannot penetrate the connector via the cable. Specially for this, Techno has developed the Xdry series of plug & socket, junction and tube connectors. These connectors have a special anti-condensation layer that ensures that moisture does not reach the application. This naturally increases the quality of the cable connector and the long-term reliability of the application considerably.

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