Smart living with Theben

Theben offers smart solutions for energy saving, suitable for in and around buildings. In addition to the time control, Theben has a broad knowledge of for example; LED radiators, presence and motion detectors, climate control with clock thermostats and CO2 sensors and KNX components for house and building automation. OEM solutions complete the product range. During LED Expo Theben will present the customer with their way of smart living.

The inrush currents of LED lighting, which are usually seen as the standard, are often underestimated. Can we blame this on ignorance and underestimation? This will, in both cases, lead to faults in the installation which will mostly lead to unnecessary and often unpaid service. Theben’s time switches, twilight switches, motion and presence detectors and also the KNX switching actuators are provided. By applying special techniques and special relays, Thebens will offer solutions that ensure that the high switch-on peaks can be properly controlled.

It is smart, safe and above all, very easy to install: the new LUXURliving residential comfort control from Theben. For those who are now planning their construction or renovations plans, the installation of LUXORliving presents itself exactly at the right time. LUXORliving is basically a certified KNX installation. But in contrast to a traditional KNX installation, LUXORliving only uses the essential functions. This is why LUXORliving is so easy to install and use.

Visit Theben during the LED Expo at stand M1 and get informed about the many possibilities of smart living with Theben. And the experience Theben’s unusual technique.

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