Nedelko puts the castle into the light

In the past year, Nedelko developed a large lighting plan for the Sparta Stadium in close cooperation with Sparta Rotterdam. In mid-2016 Nedelko was approached by Manfred Laros, the general manager of Sparta, with the request to come up with a solution for making the castle side of the stadium more visible. The only condition: this had to work before the European Championship Women in July 2017. A huge challenge – one that Nedelko did not shy away from.

Sparta Stadion, which has been appropriately given the nickname ‘the castle’, has remained in its authentic state since 1916. This has to stay this way, because the castle has been in the National Monuments Register since June 2002 and is therefore a protected building. This is a huge challenge for Nedelko, because the beautiful view of the castle side must remain in its original state. Not only was the monumental state of the stadium included in the plans, but also the fact that the Sparta Stadium is located in the middle of the Spangen district. The personal wish of Sparta was to take into account all special occasions like the Dutch national holiday King’s Day, special contests and concerts.

Although there are quite a few restrictions on the lighting plan for the impressive building, the design and history perfectly lend themselves for creating something special. The stately towers with the beautifully constructed battlements are typical features of the castle, just like the two monkeys. Together with the overall image that the castle radiates, these authentic character traits must get the attention that they deserve.

Based on these points, Nedelko has set up a plan for Sparta Rotterdam to provide the entire castle side with their beautiful lighting. After approval of the club, a permit has been requested from the Municipality of Rotterdam for the entire plan. After hiring external consultants, such as Atelier LEK, the plan was presented in December 2016 during a walk-in, where the residents could express their possible concerns.

With the renewed plans, a definitive assignment was given to Nedelko for the delivery of the lighting. After the fast delivery to Sparta Rotterdam, Citytec installed the luminaires in cooperation with the HIG installation company.

Manfred Laros, Sparta Stadium and surroundings, are very pleased with the excellent result. The lightning is a welcome addition to the beautiful Castle. Nedelko is proud of this beautiful project and happy with the good cooperation between all parties involved.

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