Megaman: Connected Lighting

Let there be light and fun! Relax at your home or office – just a tap away. All these can be realised by INGENIUM® ZB Smart Control Solution. Working with ZigBee® technology, the INGENIUM® ZB Smart Control Solution allows users to gain wireless control over all INGENIUM® ZB products, making your life easier and smarter.

Comfort and Convenience with INGENIUM® ZB

Compatible with ZigBee® equipped super gateways, INGENIUM® ZB allows you to add devices as needed in a scalable manner. INGENIUM® ZB can connect up to 150 devices and is perfect for anyone looking for smart control of residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Build a smart home at your fingertips

With simple and intuitive interface, INGENIUM® ZB App allows you to automate your home or workplace by monitoring and scheduling all your connected lighting and smart devices at your fingertips.


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