Importers or manufacturers of lamps or fixtures, pay attention!

There will be a lot of changes in the collection and recycling process of LED lighting and luminaires. Anyone who produces or imports LED lighting (lamps and luminaires) and supplies them to business customers on the Dutch market is obliged by law to collect them for recycling at the end of their lifespan. This is because a large part of the materials that are processed in a LED lamp can be re-used.

In order to meet this obligation collectively, the joint manufacturers and importers of energy-efficient lighting equipment and luminaires have set up LightRec Nederland. Then LightRec decided to partner up with Wecycle, which organizes the collection and processing of discarded LED lamps. And for this purpose, a national structure has been set up, both for consumers and professionals.

The costs of this national collection structure are paid by the producers and importers of energy-efficient lamps and luminaires, including LED lamps. “When you participate in LightRec, the customer pays a small amount of money for every product that they bring to the market,” explains LightRec director Gied Van Hoorn. “That’s why all producers and importers must register with us. Then you automatically comply with the legal obligation to collect and recycle. ”

The extended regulation
Until now, the obligation to collect only applied to lamps and luminaires in the B2B sector. But in the summer of 2018 the scheme will be extended. This means that ordinary consumer luminaires (such as LED kitchen spots and other LEDs) also have to be offered for recycling. “That may raise questions for retailers who import lighting themselves,” says Van Hoorn. “That is why we are present at LED Expo together with Wecycle. Anyone who doubts whether registration is necessary or not and whether all obligations have been met. We would like to answer all of your questions at our stand. ”

Visitors can test their knowledge about the recycling of LED lighting with the Recycle Test. Where you can win a beautiful price by knowing how to open the safe!

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