EcoDim: Dim the lights

Due to the short line with the factory and the large stocks, the EcoDim dimmer remains affordable for everyone. Which is important, because an LED dimmer is often purchased in combination with LED lamps. This combination has the aim to realize savings. A purchase price that is too high would counteract the payback period of the investment.

The dimmers contains additional components that prevent peak voltages and interference signals.
A dimmer can manually be adjusted with the COARSE potentiometer on LED lamps. This innovation ensures that optimum dim ability and light stability can be realized. When a short-circuit occurs, only the fuse has to be replaced instead of the whole dimmer. An extra fuse is standard supplied with the dimmers.

EcoDim has a unique LED dimmer for both dimming techniques: ECODIM.01 for ‘phase cut-on’ and ECODIM.02 for ‘phase cut-off’. At the moment a combination of both dimming techniques in one LED dimmer is not yet offered. This is because this combination will weaken the quality of the dimming. The 0-150W and the 0-450W have a particularly large range, that’s why it is not necessary to pay attention to the minimum or maximum power.

It often happens that people already have cover materials for dimmers at home. They do not want to replace these material for a different brand, type or colour. That is why EcoDim has a basic element, which fits under every brand of cover material that is sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is not a problem if the cover material is not present. The EcoDim dimmers are all supplied with a cover frame and dimmer switch. This makes it easy to switch to a new LED dimmer.

At the Smart Lighting + Design / LED Expo 2018, Ecodim will bring different brands and types of LED lamps which will show the excellent dimmability of Ecodim. In addition, there is a scoop: the ECO-DIM.03. This new LED dimmer has a greater range, than his predecessor. The dimmer has a range of 0-450W. This is absolutely unique in the market (!), because other dimmers have a higher minimum power and a lower maximum power.

Ecodim offers the possibility to test your own LED lamps at their booth. So do you have a lesser-known brand or a special type of LED lamp in your assortment? Bring a few LED lamps to the exhibition and Ecodim will test your lamps with the help of the EcoDim LED dimmers.

Visit Ecodim on booth B1.

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