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The LED + Elektro Awards have been developed into the most prestigious awards in the LED and Electro sector, since its launch six years ago. In 2019 the awards will be awarded again.

The LED + Elektro Best Presentation Award

The Best Presentation award, the award for the most beautiful stand, is awarded to the party that scores best on the five criteria below. At the same time, not only the stand design, but also the interplay between stand and staff are examined:

1. Attractiveness: the stand is visually appealing to visitors.
2. Accessibility: inviting design and staff.
3. Corporate identity: the company is recognizable and adequately presented.
4. Commerce: is the purpose clear? (what does the company offer?)
5. Dynamics: is there sufficient dynamics on the stand: is there something to do for the visitor?

The LED + Elektro Best Promotion Award

The Best Promotion Award will be won by the exhibitor who has conducted the best and most effective promotional campaign(s). Each participant receives a unique invitation code that they can distribute among their own relations. The participant who gets the most pre-registrations wins the Best Promotion award. If you want to know all the possibilities for inviting your relations, please go to the Event Planner.

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